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There are two major rules:

1: KEEP A STABLE MIND This means you should be calm and tranquil, keep your mind in control, and avoid letting your emotions, fears, etc., dominate you.

2: BELIEVE YOUR INSTRUCTOR If your instructor did not care for you then he would not take the time to teach you well, correct you, help you, etc. He knows the techniques better than you, and he is seeking to help you. Listen openly, carefully, and willingly to what he tells you.


Because you will be taught according to traditional methods, you should learn to observe certain protocols and follow certain rules of conduct in the Do Jang (Training Hall).

1: When entering or leaving the Do Jang, show your respect for your instructor by bowing and giving a greeting.

2: When entering or leaving the Do Jang, show your respect for your country and the home of your art by bowing to the American and Korean flags.

3: Stand attentively when being addressed by your instructor. When seated on the floor, kneel or sit with your legs crossed, back straight, eyes forward, and hands placed on your knees. (This is a proper posture that is conductive to good health)

4: Bow to your sparring partner by bending your body 15 degrees forward and looking at your sparring partner's eyes, before and after any type of sparring. When not sparring remain seated as described in #3.

5: Keep your Do Bok (uniform) clean and wear it in the traditional manner. Do not roll up sleeves or pants. Tie your Thee (belt), so that the ends are of even length.

6: Keep your hair neatly groomed and wear your clothing respectably.

7: Keep your fingernails and toenails trimmed short for safety.

8: Students must wear required protective equipment for free sparring.

9: Hats, sunglasses, and shoes is not permitted to be worn in the training area.

10: Chewing gum, candies, and any type of food is not permitted in the training area.

11: Absolutely no smoking, obscene language, or disorderly conduct will be permitted inside or outside around the school.

12: Anything with alcohol or tobacco logos on will not be allowed in the school.

13: Anyone who has been drinking alcholic beverages or taking drugs shall not be allowed in the school.

14: Whistling and wearing of jewelry of any kind is prohibited in the training area.

15: Avoid brining valuables to class. Students are responsible for their own personal property.

16: If you are late for class, wait until you are recognized by the instructor and given permission to join the class. Everyone is expected to arrive on time and stay until the end.

17: Do not leave the class unless you receive permission from the instructor. This includes going to the restroom and for a drink of water.

18: It is suggested that you avoid eating for at least one hour prior to class.

19: Help keep the Do Jang clean and orderly. The highest ranking students are responsible for directing class in this matter. Students should volunteer to clean the school. This is an excellent way for one to learn pride and humility.

20: Your attitude in the training hall should be one of respect, quiet, and attention. Show respect for the black belts, senior members, and especially the instructor. Also show respect to your fellow students. Remain quiet during class. In general, the instructor should do almost all the talking. Obey the instructor's commands quickly and carefully. When answering a question or following some direction, answer, YES SIR! Do not make any unnecessary noise. Be attentive and careful when in the training session. This will help you to learn and will insure protection against injury for yourself and others.

21: Show respect to the tradition of your art by using the Korean terminology in the Do Jang. Address the instructor as SA BUM NIM. Adress black belts by Mr., Mrs., or Miss and Sir, or Mam. Positively at no time is a student to address the instructor or black belts by their first name.

22: All students, regardless of rank, should be shown respect to each other.

23: Do not use the skills you learned from Tae Kwon Do to anybody except for self-defense purpose in case of a life threatening situation.

24: At all times and at any place outside the Do Jang, you should respect any human being regardless of their age, gender, occupation, and race. Especially, your parents, teachers, and senior citizens should be treated with utmost respect.

25: Every member of Cha's Tae Kwon Do Academy will comply with the aforementioned rules and regulations. They are to be obeyed by members and guest alike. Any violation of the above rules shall be deemed serious, and subject to penalty at the discretion of the instructor, which may include suspension from the school.