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Testing Info

Testing is held on Fridays at 5:30. There is one test every month in which any student who has earned the correct amount of strips for their belt can test. Students should bring a clean uniform, their sparring equipment, and pine boards for breaking. You should hand in your testing application at least one week in advance of testing, (ask Sa Bum Nim for testing form)

Testing Protocol

1: Arrive at least 15 minutes before the scheduled time.

2: Sit quietly with your legs properly crossed during the test. No talking or laughing.

3: If you need to be momentarily excused, you may ask any instructor near you.

4: You should expect to remain for the duration of the test. If you can not stay, you must advise the instructor before the test.

5: Answer loudly when called or addressed.

6: If you make a mistake during a form, stop and bow to the judges and await instruction to continue, or begin again.

7: Notify the instructor or senior black belt in attendance of any injuries prior to testing.

8: Be serious and enthusiastic.

Number of stripes needed for promotional testing:

White to Yellow Stripe = 3

Yellow stripe to Yellow = 3

Yellow to Green Stripe = 4

Green Stripe to Green = 4

Green to Blue Stripe = 5

Blue Stipe to Blue = 5

Blue to Red Stripe = 6

Red Stripe to Red = 6

Red to Black Stripe = 7

Black Stripe to Chodanbo = 4 Black Stripes

Chodanbo to Black Belt = 5 Black Stripes

Belt Requirements

White/Yellow | Yellow | Yellow/Green | Green | Green/Blue | Blue | Blue/Red | Red | Red/Black | Jr. Chodanbo | Chodanbo | Jr. Black Belt | Black Belt